Sample Tracks
Hima (from ‘Narayani’ Meditation Album)
Cueca del Bebé (from ‘Jardincito’ Kids Album)
Déjate Sentir (YouTube Video)
Junto a Ti (YouTube Video)
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“Their music is calming and relaxing. They produce a variety of tunes and melodies and the music is wonderful for meditating, therapy sessions such as reiki/energy healing/massage. Also good for any type of class such as yoga, pilates, gentle exercise. I recommend Soluna to my friends all the time”

“The music envisioned, composed, and performed is so beautifully healing, uplifting and nurturing at the soul level. I love every song they have put out in their albums and singles and continue to listen to their transformational music as I work in my field of art and healing and on a very personal level too”. Thank you Soluna” (Melissa)

“Beautiful album, Divine mother is my absolute favourite song to listen to. It has an amazing healing effect on my mind. I often play the songs during my yoga classes” (Lenka)

“Really beautiful music that fills our home with good vibes. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world” (Emily)