“Soluna is a Sydney-based duo with singer/songwriters Nancy Mattos and Christian Ravello who through music & song lyrics bring together their unique influences of Latin American culture, rhythm and dance.

About Us

Soluna was formed in 2017 with the intention of bringing more light into this world.

‘Sol’ (Sun) and ‘Luna’ (Moon) draws upon the beautiful blend of both divine masculine and feminine energy which is ever present in their music.

Nancy is a South American-born energetic healer. Along with her studies in Bio-Neuroemotions, she has worked in the social welfare field for over 25yrs, running meditation, developing & facilitating workshops in parenting, mindfulness relationships, healing trauma & emotional awareness, As a civil marriage celebrant she has a holistic view of how we can bring greater consciousness into our world.

Christian is an Australian-born singer/songwriter with Chilean heritage. His musical journey has seen him perform with various folkloric & contemporary groups at venues such as the Woodford/National Folk Festivals, Enmore Theatre & the Opera House.

Together they have released two independent albums:

“Narayani” (2018) – Meditation Music
“Jardincito” (2021) – Kids Music (Spanish)

For more details visit:
Soluna Musica YouTube Channel